We Value Accuracy, Efficiency, Agility, and Sincerity

•Consulting tailored to your need based on approximately 2,000 manufacturers/buyers' lists in the United States, China, and South Korea, which are Japan’s major trading countries

•Optimized process efficiency by paperless and computerized databases

•Responsible for responding to process reports, delivery dates, estimates, etc.

•Reliable process provided by certified staff

•Acquired licenses: Customs clearance officer, IATA (International Aviation Dangerous Goods Operator), used business license, etc.

•Focused areas: clothing (fabric), electronic equipment, miscellaneous goods, steel- related materials, machine parts materials, etc.


Global Locations

RK Group

•United States (Delaware) RK INT`L Corp. HQ

•Canada (Toronto) RK INT`L Corp. Liaison Office

•Japan (Kawasaki) RK INT`L Corp. Japan Branch

•Korea (Cheonan) Monopolism Inc.

•China (Shanghai) Chitons