Trading Agency

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Export Agency

We support the export of manufactured goods.

Expand overseas sales channels to overcome declining domestic demands, which is becoming more severe in recent years.


We help clients achieve the best matching with overseas buyers who are seeking the right products.


* Dangerous goods air transport consultation available (IATA: M2)

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Get the latest and most reliable information

Procurement of information from overseas bases in real-time enables risk avoidance and maximizes business opportunity.

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Overseas Marketing

We support the overseas expansion of products made in Japan.

Through our locally-coordinated businesses, we take care of various certifications and legal hurdles in local customs clearance and market development.

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Import Agency

We manage and support the entire process from sourcing to transportation of products.

•Avoid risks such as delivery times, settlements, and transportation accidents, which are also uneasy factors for the import business. 

•We work with overseas factories and trading companies that have customs clearance experience (possesses import permission) in Japan.

•Our lists are updated regularly based on the latest information.


Consultation on customs duties, certification and transportation (Korea&Japan ONLY)

Experienced customs agents provide consultation on customs duties and certification, which are crucial to the import business.

Utilize the benefits of FTA, EPA, WTO agreement tax rate, preferential tariff preferential treatment, etc., and propose optimal suppliers


Certification application and agency services that take into account the status of the business


Set up packaging and transportation plans that prioritize product characteristics and delivery dates

Agent Business

Moving goods → Moving culture → Enriching markets

We introduce the most advanced overseas products to the Japanese market as well as develop overseas sales channels for competitive Japan-made products. Taking advantage of our unique strength of having overseas bases in Japan's major partner countries, we help our clients’ sourcing and purchasing products, overseas marketing, local promotion, etc.


We minimize risks and maximize your success.